Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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On Tuesday, October 18th WEI Celebrated 20th Anniversary With
Wisconsin Union Theater Event

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Wisconsin Green Growth

Environmental responsibility requires more than just compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. Today, we need more partnerships and coordination across local government, business, and citizen groups to establish a solid new direction for the state -- one that achieves integrated green growth and creates more prosperous, secure and sustainable communities.

Executive Director John Imes continues to serve as an advisor to the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters initiative that examines Wisconsin's dependence on fossil fuels and offers "pathways to progress" that support sustainable energy sources. John works on the Advisory Committee that developed: "Climate Forward: A New Road Map for Wisconsin's Climate And Energy Future": Find the Roap Map here.

John's guest column: "Other Midwest states eating our lunch on clean energy" appeared in the Wausau Daily Herald, Milwaukee Business Times, Waukesha Freshman, The Capital Times and WisPolitics/WisBusiness news sources.

In addition to his presentation at the WI Academy's Resilient Wisconsin Day, John also traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the National Blue-Green Alliance Green Jobs Conference, a White House event, and met Congressman Mark Pocan, Senator Tammy Baldwin's Chief of Staff, and other colleagues to highlight the Road Map and ways we can implement the recommendations to achieve a green and growing Wisconsin.

Green Tier

Wisconsin DNR's Green Tier program gives environmentally innovative companies support for these efforts, so they can continue to engage in superior environmental performance while improving their bottom line. Green Tier goes beyond compliance, helping businesses understand the economic, social and environmental benefits of sustainable business.